St. Mary's Little League Softball


ONLINE! Opens Jan 23rd

Please read the following Notes:

Registration Cost:

Sign up now to keep the cost the same as last year! If you sign up more than 1 child NO MATTER if its a boy or a girl the program will notice and give multi player discount! So sign girls up here and go to boys site to sign up your son all accounts are linked!

Candy Buy Out:

Candy buy out is part of the girl registration, if you do NOT check the box and pay the 35.00 you will receive a box of candy to sell! Please make sure your going over all parts of registration to ensure you are completely filling out the information.

Clothing Orders:

Clothing orders are as well on this site for you to order, It as well has a dead lines so if you want to sign back in latter and order clothing you can do so. But please pay attention to all deadlines.

Peewee Division:

This year we will allow 4 year olds to register for softball. Once registration is completed we will see how many 4-5 year olds we have and attempt to create a instructional division. Learn the bases, how to use a glove what's an out and ball etc. Then toward end of year we will play several games with this group. 6-7 year olds will have 1 practice and 1 game per week after the practice season is over for the entire league. Please understand this is our vision not set in stone we are waiting for out numbers to come in first before any decisions are final.