St. Mary's Little League Softball

A letter form the Vice President of Softball Operations!

Dear Parents and Players

I would like to take this time to go over some things for the 2016 softball season!

We as a board are very happy to announce we have made some changes we feel will be for the good of the League this year! Here’s a brief review.

1.       We will continue all age groups as they have been in the past.

a.       5-7 Pee Wees

b.      8-10 Minors

c.       11-2 Majors

d.      13-16 Junior/Senior

e.      17-18 Big League

                                                              i.      All Big League players need to register just like all other divisions and do fundraiser as well.

2.       We will bring back the Big Sister / Little Sister program so that any 7-year old’s in Pee Wees can come up and practice as well as play games with minors to help them make the adjustment!

3.       We are going to incorporate practices in during the entire year until playoffs, this allows managers to help teach the girls the game and new skills.

4.       We will attempt to interleague again this year and hopefully in a bigger scale. We would like to get additional games so each team gets to play all other teams once away and once at home this will also open our fields for more practice times as well.

5.       Pee Wees and Minors are LEARNING DIVISIONS and we will enforce all the rules of rotating players, pitchers and all the positions possible without risking the safety of any child.

6.       Majors- We feel in this league we as well need to rotate players and allow girls to play different positions but we will also allow the managers to limit the rotation to help the girls learn each position better. Rotating the positions all the time does not allow them to have the time to learn the position or get experience.

7.       Junior/Senior- We will let the managers decide the positions and rotation of the players making it very clear we encourage everyone get a chance to learn the position they would like to play.

8.       Tournament Teams (All Stars) will have 2 tryouts ONLY they will be announced very soon! Tryouts take a lot of manpower and time. Trying to get 3 sessions in is very hard so this year only 2 will be done. You MUST make 1 Session!

9.       Playoffs- we will have 2 weeks of playoffs doing a round robin this year. Please see schedule for dates.

10.   We will hold coach’s clinics as well as player clinics this year. There are many ways to teach, we feel if we’re all on the same page it will help the kids be less confused.

11.   The Premiere field is getting better and we will attempt to do a better job in rotating divisions this year on the field.

12.   Managers and coaches can request to be together and we will work to make those request happen

Also I would like to ask if anyone would like to help us on the board we are always looking for new people. I have been told that our Secretary/ Treasure will be resigning after the completion of this year, I also will be stepping down as the Vice president of softball operations so I can focus my time in one area vs overlooking all operations. I also feel that this position should rotate every 3-4 years to get new people to bring fresh new ideas to the organization. So PLEASE step up and help as we will have people leaving after this year and we need people to run the organization, please contact any of the board members if you’re interested.

If there are any questions, please contact me:  Jim Wolf: 814-594-3316

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